Writing prompt: Point of view


The writing prompt is write from the point of view of a ball of yarn being chased by a cat


Ahh, the peace and quiet of the knitting basket. I’ve been waiting for this all evening. All those kids with scissors snipping and yanking, my weave will never be the same. It’s not so bad when she’s knitting. I’m reaching my potential when I’m being knit and pearled. But with kids? Pieces of me are going to be scattered across the neighborhood!


Oh no.

I see that dastardly fur ball coming.

He’s worse than the kids, always so sweet and innocent.

Oh look at me, purr, purr. I’m such a cute fluff ball. Pet me, purr, purr.

How I hate him. He lies. He purrs and gets just what he wants, then BAM! Claws and slobber!

Oh wait, he’s watching me. Be cool. I’m just a ball of yarn. You can’t see me I’m in the basket, part of the furniture. Not that the furniture is ever safe from that demon. As soon as they go to sleep, it’ll be zpit, zpit, zpit. Sharpening his claws when no one can stop him.

Shh, he’s coming closer. Stay away, go away, no!

No! I want to stay in the basket! Argh! The floor is so hard!

I don’t mind the rolling and the bouncing. If I can roll fast enough, I can get all the way under the couch and he won’t be able to reach me with his stubby little cat arms.  I can hear his little claws ticking on the wooden floor behind me! He’s gaining!

NO! His claws! I’m snagged!

Yes! I dodged the worst of it!

Keep rolling! I feel like I’m leaving a trail of blood as I unravel. I may be smaller now but I’m gonna make it! I’m so close now, so close. I’m nearly to the couch!

NO! I was so close! Stop slobbering on me!

AH! Claws everywhere! Stop chewing on me! I’m unraveling! How can I be the one surrounding him if he’s the attacker? If only I had muscles I could crush him!

Wait, what just happened?

He’s gone? Oh what a relief! Oh! Oh , look here she comes. Yes! Pick me up and wind me back up. I have lived to see the knitting basket once more.