Sights only Wind Techs See

There is a lot of talk about the wind industry these days, the pros and the cons, the need and the impact. However there isn’t much said about the life of the wind tech.

Most of the jobs in the wind industry involve travel. The men and women who work on the towers are gone from home for six weeks at a time and spend most of their life in hotels separated from friends and family. ┬áThe work is hot, dirty, and hard, but it is a wonderful job. My husband loves his job. In troubleshooting the breakdowns it has enough puzzles that it keeps his mind busy and the job itself has enough danger that it keeps him on his toes. ┬áDon’t get me wrong, there are plenty of safety procedures in place. It is one of the safest jobs in the energies field, but still when you’re walking around on top of a 300+ ft tower there is an element of danger that thrills the adventurer.

So I thought I’d share some photos my husband took while at work. It’s sights that only the tower monkeys get to see. Yes I just called my husband a tower monkey. It’s a nickname in the industry, tower climbing grease monkey, and we shortened it to tower monkey.