How to make a 16 year old happy on her birthday…

Get her a Totoro shirt…

A floppy hat with the universe on it…

A plush Totoro…


The completely inappropriate game, Cards Against Humanity.

Don’t know if that makes me a good parent or a bad one haha!


Only in Montana

The Seniors at the High School here in Conrad, MT get a little feisty every year toward the end of school. My daughter takes great pride in coming home and telling my what her friends have gotten up to. These pranks come in all sizes. Here is an example of just some of this years’. Covering the entire commons area floor with styrofoam cups of water so that you can’t walk through the school. Removing all the desks and chairs from classrooms and stacking them on the lawn or on the stairs. Camping on the grass. Plastic wrapping a students car that parked in the Senior parking. Writing physics equations all over the math teachers car. Rearranging all the contents of every locker in the school so no one could find their belongings. Turning all the posters in the English room upside down. You know harmless fun things.

But the best one came with Ride Your Horse to School Day. Apparently back on the books there is a law that says that the Principal must water and care for the students horses all day while the students were in school. So…..


The first car

My daughter is now old enough to drive now. To her mind it’s finally time and to mine it’s too soon. Eventually when events conspire against you, you have to give in and follow the flow: Liscense then car.

We made an agreement that she would pay for her own car. Something old and tough, something she can learn to fix, something cheap is what we were looking for. 

This is what we found. Not completely ideal, but couldn’t pass it up at $850. It’s similar to her grandpa’s pickup so she is ecstatic. 

Now we just have to put a ton of work into it and really get her skilled at driving a stick shift. 

But as long as she is happy…

How to dispose of a stiff with your teenage daughter. 

After reading that title, I’m sure most of you are thinking – “OMG! What kind of mother are you?”


Under cover of darkness not for any nefarious reason but because of poor planning on my part. My daughter and I filed as quietly as we could into the back yard. The light from a half moon illuminated bits of the yard more than I had expected. The stars shine brightly and the air was chilly spring fresh. Sitting up against the rain barrel was the “corpse.” 

It was an eye sore and had been there for some time. A while ago my husband and I had replaced the toilet in our bathroom and unfortunately the old dead toilet only made it to the back yard and no further. My husband had to go back to work and never took it to the dumpster. It has added a very redneck accent to the yard. 

Normally I would have carried it to the dumpster myself and that would be the end of it. However with my shoulder out of commission I couldn’t lift the body of the Porcelin God. The City is doing an alley cleanup tomorrow and it’s the perfect time to get rid of the skeletal remains. Unfortunately I lacked the help to get it to the alley until today. 

So after my son was asleep I drafted my poor daughter to help me. I had a great plan. Instead of trying to carry the rather heavy toilet we would use a tool, the kid’s sled. We lifted the carcas up onto the purple plastic sled. She pulled while I steadied it. 

We slid it from one end of the yard to the other on the grass because it was quieter and there was less resistance. We started to laugh as we realized the complete absurdity of what we were doing. By the time we hit the sidewalk that follows the side of the garage to the alley and heard that first scrape of plastic on concrete we had lost all control. 

Simultaneously with timing any comedian would envy, we both put finger to lips, “Shhhhhh!”

Like two drunks trying to be quiet we giggled and scrapped and periodically hushed each other. We were certain that we were probably waking every neighbor for blocks. Once we hit the gravel in the alley it got even louder and honestly so did our laughter. 

Eventually the cadaver of the Porcelin God had been deposited next to the dumpster and my teenager now knows how to dispose of a dead body. 

Life skills, folks. Life skills. 

Senior Moment

It is basketball tournament time. All teams in the district are pitted against each other with the aim of finding the best team to send on to the next level and then on to State. It’s an emotional time especially for the Seniors.
During their entire high school career they have played the games hoping to win but sometimes losing. If they lose they always go home thinking that there’s always next time or there’s always next year, until they hit that Senior Moment.
That last game of the last season and they realize there are no more chances. There will never be another high school basketball game. Oh they may come to see their friends or siblings play but it will never be their game. And it hits them hard.
It’s that moment where they suddenly realize they’re adults now. I know that most say it’s graduation that does it and maybe it is but the point is that it’s a Moment. A life changing moment.
The trick is how to take it. Do you cry and lament that it’s all over. Or do you look back and say, “I gave my all to every second of every season” and feel proud?
Isn’t every moment in life like that? Isn’t every moment a Senior Moment?
Do you look at your life every day and think, “It’s over and I’ll never get another chance.” Or do you think, “I gave every thing I had for every second of every day?”
What’s your Senior Moment like?

Happy birthday to my daughter!

Happy burp day to my kiddo! Yes, I said burp.
She turning 15. Big year ahead with starting High School and getting her driver’s license.

I decided that since she loves music I would make her a music themed cake.


My son contributed the sprinkles.
He also helped blow out the candles.


Stuck with the music theme for her present too. Got her a speaker dock for her phone so she could listen to her music.


Smart phone? No, No. Smart Ass Phone.

So I mentioned that I have a new phone that came with SIRI. My daughter and I did what all geeks do with a new piece of technology. We asked it stupid question. After you must know the limitation of your tools before getting down to serious work, right?




I laughed so hard at this especially the way that it was said. So of course I had to hear it again.


Wait! That was a different answer! So we tried again…



Okay, obviously we are getting nowhere on this one. Time for a new question…



I’m beginning to think SIRI has an attitude. Well two can play at that game…


Alright, if you are so smart, What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?




Well then, that’s me schooled!

So lesson learned. Obviously Apple hired someone just like me to answer my stupid questions.