Fun withTeenagers: Driver’s Ed and Breakdowns

Recently my daughter became old enough to enter into that so longed for institution of driving. That most coveted teenage goal.

Oh goodie for me…

We signed up for the course and she worked diligently on her homework. And then we did the parent/ student homework which consisted of me driving her around while she observed specific traffic conditions and reported on them. Was kinda hard to find her examples of some of the conditions it situations because we live in such a small town and there is only one stop light, but we did it.

Then we got to practice driving.

I wasn’t ready for that.

I think I was more scared than she was but that’s the curse of being an adult. You know how much can go wrong.

I must say, though, that she actually did quite well. She had been driving with her instructors and had gotten a feel for driving. I was shaking a bit after the interstate lesson but then again so was she. She’d never driven 75 mph before. But we lived.

So here we are learning some more practical bits about driving: changing tires.


There’s nothing wrong with my tires but on the way to Colorado from Montana our rear wheels were making funny noises. This worried me a little because my daughter did some of the driving during the 15 hour trip and I didn’t want something to go wrong while she was at the wheel.

We pulled off both rear tires and dug around only to find that the wheel bearing on the drivers side was loose and jangling around.

So there you go, another lesson learned about car repair. We are just learning all kinds of fun things this week. Getting the bearing replaced before going home because the last thing we need is for the wheel to wander off of the car as we are zipping along at high speed.

Ah such adventures…