Fires and the sky

Montana is on fire. Over 40 of the 56 counties are on fire. Where we live is completely surrounded by fires. We are not in direct danger but the smoke is really affecting everything.

The sky’s are orange and gray making everything look alien. It’s so thick you can see the sun without protection.

This picture is not doctored in any way. This is actually the sun and sky at 11 am.

The air is thick and hard to breath. Air alerts are out warning limiting exposure.

There has been coatings of ash on everything. Even inside ash is getting everywhere.

Then the wind came.

It was scary fast wind. The temperature dropped from the high 70s to the mid 40s. It actually snowed up in the mountains.

It blew the smoky haze away and for one day we have had blue sky.

It’s slowly starting to get hazy again now as the fires keep burning.

Hopefully soon we’ll get some relief. Pray the fires go out.


Like smoke


Like smoke rolling off of an incense stick, life changes so fast.
It flys from its source and floats away.
Mostly insubstantial but clearly right before your eyes.
Every curl and swirl is different never repeating it’s shape and form like every moment.
Only one chance to see it as it dissipates in seconds.
Lingering behind is that sweet pleasant scent, a memory of what had been before.