LBGT Chicken

White chicken hen that has one foot raised to start walking

Yes, I know. Most of you are scowling at the screen and wondering what the Hell I had for breakfast, but really I’m not crazy.

Well, I am, but not about a chicken.

No, this is about my mom’s chicken. You see she lives on a farm and she has a small flock of egg layers. She is lacking a rooster right now but she generally gets enough eggs for herself and for a couple of other ladies. However, recently one of her hens started acting a bit odd. It’s been strutting around like a rooster. It cocks its head like a rooster and it even tired its wing at crowing the other day.

Weird? Yes.

When she told me about this chicken, I began to wonder.  Can a chicken change gender? There are many species in the world that will change gender in a same sex environment to ensure the perpetuation of the species. But would a chicken?

Yes and no.

According to science the chicken can change gender just not really. A female can become male-like but can not fertilize eggs. So the she is a he that is still a she. Confused? Me too.

Apparently chickens have both sex organ available but only one develops and the other stays dormant until stress or illness trips the trigger and the male organ starts producing male hormones.  But get this: hens can become male, but cockerels can not become female.

I don’t know why.

Basically this all comes down to “Yay! We learned something really weird today!” And my mom now has a hen named Dave.

Have a great day!

Autism Volcano

No I’m not referring to a meltdown. I talking about an actual volcano.


My son is in 4th grade and they are learning about earth sciences. A page came home saying that each child was to create a model of either a volcano, landslide, or earthquake. Then they had to stand up in front of the class and give an explanation about their project. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. My son is Autistic and he is still getting a handle on his speech.

I was thinking that an earthquake would be easier for him to understand and explain, but dad was home and two boys together means explosions, the gooier the better. Dad and son sat down to look though YouTube videos and my son got really excited about volcanos.  (I’m sure dad didn’t have any influence there!)



So out came the newspaper, flour and water. Paper mache here we come.

With a newspaper base held together by tape, the volcano started to take shape.

My son spent a lot of his time trying to get the paste mixture off of his hands even licking his fingers at one point. He doesn’t like sticky things so this was a real challenge for him.

A couple of days later the paper mache was dry and it was time to paint.IMG_7394

He was very particular about what color he wanted the mountain. I couldn’t be gray. It had to be brown and dark brown.

He painted the whole thing by himself with dad’s guidance.

Dad IMG_7385helped him drizzle some red, yellow, and orange paint around the topto IMG_7387make it look like lava.

Then of course they had to add some dinosaurs. What’s a volcano without dinosaurs?

Finally, dad sprayed the outside with a sealant because we didn’t want the volcano to melt the very first try.

While waiting for the paint to dry, our intrepid scientist began practicing their lava techniques.

IMG_7410They filled my sink with blue foaming IMG_7412lava and then orange foaming lava.

Who know vinegar, food coloring, and some baking soda could be so entertaining?

Once they had the formula right, dad mixed up a handy portable version for or son to take to school. We wouldn’t be there to help him. He was going to have to do it all by himself.

All that was left was for us to find a way to explain how a volcano worked. Dad came to the rescue again. He broke down the whole process on the whiteboard. Our son eventually got the idea. There’s a balloon that’s filled with lava in the earth and it goes pop and out comes lava.


I know that is not scientifically accurate but my son understands the general principal and he was able to tell us the steps of how a volcano erupts in his own way. I’d say that’s a win and all thanks to dad.