Argument with Myself

The Ice Bucket challenge. Its all over Facebook. Support ALS. Raise awareness!

I got nominated to complete the challenge. I’m supposed to dump a bucket of ice water on my head and donate $10 or not dump it and pay $100. This is what went through my mind.

First voice, “Oh Shit!”

Second voice, “Now I have to.”

Third voice, “Screw that!”

Fourth voice, “That would be an interesting sensation. I wonder what it would feel like.”

First voice, “Oh crap!”

Second voice, “I don’t want to be known as the person who didn’t do it.

Third voice, “I already know what nerve problems are like! I have fibromyalgia!”

Fourth voice, “I wonder if I could hold still while it happened.”

Second, “I should do it, it’s for charity and to raise awareness.’

Third, “No it’s not. It’s really about nominating other people to dump ice on their heads so they can laugh at their friends and pass on a little revenge for having to do it to start with!”

Fourth, “It would be good to have that information for a book someday.”

First, “Oh man. I don’t have the money to donate!”

Second, “The more people who help the better. It could make a difference.”

Third. “I have an Autistic son who is prone to infections and all manner of illness that we spend thousands of dollars trying to keep healthy. I have my own health issues, fibromyalgia, thyroid, degenerative disc, depression and anxiety. I’ve had too many members of my family die from cancer or are battling cancer. I think that I have other priorities for my charitable donations!”

Fourth,”I bet all my muscles will tighten more than they already are and I’ll be in pain for days. Is the information gathering worth the pain?”

First, “I’m a horrible person.”

Second, “I have a good heart, it’s just overloaded with years of worry and strife. I want to help.”

Third, “How much of that donated money actually helps people?”

Second, “It’s for research to find a cure.”

Fourth, “I wonder if I can take that kind of a shock to my system. I’ve been managing my pain pretty well for a couple of months despite the stress.”

Third, “Research is fine and dandy, but who helps the families? Who helps those who have to watch their loved ones deteriorate? Is there someone who swoops in and pays for the wheelchairs or the full time nurses when the insurance companies drop the ALS patient?”

First, “How do I get into these situations? ”

Second, “There must be someone somewhere that could help.”

Third, “Then perhaps we should be broadcasting that information instead of randomly dumping ice on our heads.”

First, “But I don’t want everyone to be mad at me.”

Fourth, “Maybe I’m over thinking this and I should just do something fun for once.”

First, “So do I do it?”

Second, “Do I do it?”

Third, “Should I do it?”

Fourth, “Could I do it?”