I need more men in my life

Now before you to jump to conclusions, I’m not talking about extra-marital shenanigans. I’m just talking about men in general.

I grew up with guys: Dad, brother, uncle, friends. I was a bit of a tomboy. My two best friends in school were guys. They were easier to relate to than girls. Girls are too complicated. There is always drama because they think and feel too much. They alway have to put meaning behind everything. Guys are so much more “what ya see is what ya get”.

The past few years I’ve been around almost exclusively women. There are moms at schools and teachers are mostly women, my daughters friends are all girls and I’ve got a couple of women that are my closer friends. But really the only guys I’m ever around is my son and my husband. My son is 9 and hasn’t figured anything out yet and my hubby I only see him every six weeks.

I need the influence of men. Men are such an important part of life. They balance it out. They are steady and mostly logical. Granted they are giant kids most if the time and they tend toward the “here hold my beer and watch this” moments. But I think that is why we need them so much. They are the fun side. They are so much better at enjoying living than women are. Women worry to much. We always have to know why. Guys are so much better at taking things at face value. I’m not saying they are superficial or incapable of deep thought. My husband can be very philosophical and understanding.

Men have such a huge capacity to love and protect but sometimes don’t show it. That’s where women shine. We can translate out emotions better but we often take it to extremes causing drama. We need men to balance us out.

Two halves-same whole.