Parenting Secrets


Parenting secret number…um… Let’s say 657.
Kids will eat pretty much anything when you put it on a stick.

I have tried many times to get my son to eat things like steak or mushrooms. The response is usually “Ick!”
Then there’s the vegetarian. She obviously won’t eat meat so every meal must be altered to accommodate. So I decided the best way to accommodate the vegster was to chop stuff up and let her pick out what she won’t eat.

I wanted kabobs. I wanted kabobs with steak and pineapple and teriyaki sauce. So…

Steak, pineapples, green bell peppers, mushrooms, mangos, and precooked shrimp all shoved on a stick. Some without steak for Leah and some without peppers for William. Cooked at 450 degrees for while with just some oil. Then brushed on the teriyaki sauce when the meat was cooked.

Stuck it on the table and Poof!
Both kids are eating. William thinks dinner on a stick is funny. (He’s 8 and Autistic everything different is either scary or funny). He ate the steak and even a mushroom! Leah, of course, devoured 4 kabobs. Score one for mom!

I wonder what else I can put on a stick.