It was Mother’s Day

A holiday made to celebrate mothers and what they do, but truly it is a day for the children.
Most Mother’s Days consist of a present for mom or sometimes a breakfast made by the intrepid children. For a lot if moms it is another day of dishes and laundry, of changing diapers and cleaning up messes from bodily fluids.
Some lucky moms get to spend the day with their kids doing nothing or something fun. I got to do this.
I was lucky enough to spend the day snuggled on the couch eating popcorn with both of my children. We played video games and giggles a lot when I would mess something up and fall off a building or miss what I was aiming for repeatedly. I made them giggle with my sounds of frustration. Apparently I sounded something like an angry sick moose. This comment made us all giggle some more.
A day for the children to have their mother all to themselves. Honestly I don’t think there could have been a better way to spend the day.