He’s gone again

Once again I had to put my husband on a plane and watch him fly away. Yes, it is for work and it is the right thing for our family but it isn’t the good thing. None of us thrive when we are apart. How can we?
And it’s not just us. There are so many out there separated from their loved ones. Whether it is for work, because of war, or because of death. It’s a horrid thing.
How can we function properly when the strings connecting us to our other halves are stretched across hundreds of miles? The constant tug distracts us from living.
The world doesn’t hold as much appeal when you are looking at it with only half your eyes and experiencing it with only half your heart. All the colors wash out and the sound is muffled.
I know that I am lucky, even though I only see him 8 times a year, I still see him. He isn’t in danger and we talk almost every day. I know there are those that aren’t that lucky and I wish the world was different so that no one had to feel this way. But this is life, in all of its pain and joy, tears and laughter. I will take all I can get whenever I can.