Picture Prompt: Waiting

Stone man

15 minutes of writing with this picture as a guide…GO!


He waited.

He perched on the rocks at the edge of the lake. She said she would return. She made him promise that he wouldn’t move from that spot until she returned and so he waited. His faith in her never wavered. He knew their love was true; the kind of true legends spoke of.

A knight in Arthur’s own court he had been there the day that The Lady had risen from the Lake to collect the sword from a dying Arthur. It was the day that he had fallen in love. She was one of the lady’s retainers. So beautiful and shy but she looked at him and he knew she felt the same.

They met in secret after that. He lived by the Lake shore waiting for any time he could have with her. He begged and pleaded for her to come with him. She always refused afraid to leave her place of honor in the Lake. Then one day she finally agreed. She made him promise to stay until she returned. She had to tell the Lady of the Lake.

Honor bound, he stayed.

He waited.

His back grew stiff and tired.

He leaned forward trying to see if she was rising from the deep but still she didn’t come.

His beard grew long.

Still, he waited.

His muscles stiffened and more and more each day. He stayed so still he felt as if he turned to stone, but still he waited. He knew that she would come back. Their love was true; the kind of true legends spoke of.

He would wait.