Christmas Tidings

In this time of Christmas and/or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, please remember what it’s really about.


Hope. Family. Love.

I know that everyone preaches about “the reason for the season”, but that is not my purpose. I want you to remember what you have and be thankful for it. There are so many who have nothing  or even less. There are those in the hospital, homeless, separated, lost, forgotten, or alone.

Give something to those who need it. It doesn’t have to be about a present. It just has to be about a thought. Just spare one tiny little moment for someone else, whether you know them or not. You never know how much it might mean to someone.   It could mean their life. This is the silly season and people often fall into the deepest depressions around this time of year. You can be the lifeline that keeps them safe.

Call your mom or dad, visit your grandparents, bring cookies to the neighbor that is housebound. Appreciate those around you. We are all in this together.

SO from mine to yours,

May there be blessings aplenty,

Love, Hope, and Family.

Merry Christmas


My door says HOPE


It ended up there quite accidentally. At Halloween my family decorated our entryway into a freak show carnival. After Halloween when we were taking everything down some of the sticky glittery letters had fallen from the signs and stuck to the walls and floor.

I picked them up and stuck them to the door. They spelled Hope. I didn’t really try to spell it. It just worked out that way.

I supposed it was a hint. Perhaps I should have Hope everytime I leave the house, or maybe it is a reminder that this house holds Hope.

I used to think that Hope was a bad thing. A false sense of better things to come. (I was a bit of a pessimist). I always said that Pandora’s box contained Hope for a reason, that it was the worst torture you could inflict on mankind.

I think that my skewed view was because I was hoping for the wrong things. I’m still not sure. Recently I have started to see that in some aspects of my life Hope is a good thing.

For example, my son. Autism is very difficult to handle sometimes. There are days when you just don’t know what to do and there doesn’t seem like there is ever going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But then something will work out or change and you get through the rough patch. You meet people who have found ways to help or those who have triumphed with their own struggles with Autism.

Those moments start to change you from the inside.

So I’ll take the hint. Hope can stay sticking to my door. A reminder and a mantra.

Gone again

Yesterday I posted what a great dad and husband we have. Today he’s gone again. A week has flown by so fast. There wasn’t enough time.
Back to work for 6 weeks.
It’s almost surreal that he was even here. I know he was and I can’t wait until next time he comes. Until then we will keeping up the good fight and keeping the family moving forward. What other choice is there?
In the mean time… God keep him safe, please. Bring him back safe and whole and let this 6 weeks go by as fast as our week together did. Thank you.