Morals Are My Only Leash

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have them, but mostly I am glad.

My morals are the guiding structure of my life they are what keeps me from lashing out at people and making mistakes that would destroy the life I’ve built.

They say that Locks keep honest people honest. I think morals are that way too. I’ve seen instances where I could steal or lie or create havoc but I don’t act on those observations. For example, I’ve seen women step away from their shopping carts with their purses sitting open in the basket. It would be easy to steal the purse or their wallet, but I don’t. I’ve been to events where a little lie could have gotten me in for free but I tell them the truth and I pay my way.

When I was a kid, we had to break into a pick up that belonged to my dad’s friend. He had locked his keys in the cab and had no way of getting into it. I was the smallest person available so they popped the clasp on the rear window and sent me through the tiny space so I could unlock the door. I’ve done similar things when someone has locked themselves out of their house or their dog has locked the car door with the keys inside. ¬†Yes, I’m technically breaking and entering but it’s for a good cause and not for nefarious reasons.

Sometimes the ability to see how to be dishonest without actually being dishonest has helped my to keep my family safe and often improved safety conditions at places that I have worked. And honestly it comes with being a writer. Seeing how to do damage or how to go about sneaking in somewhere adds to the storytelling side of life.

I could be rich. I could be nasty.

But I am moral.

I do no harm and Karma will not get me. Maybe just maybe along the way I will help more than I hinder by following my moral compass.