A little landscaping can go a long way

My front flower bed looks like this. Lots of weeds. Some wild daisies. A clematis with a fear of heights. And lost of cat poop.

Let’s face it, I suck at gardening. My attempt at landscaping was a little plastic fence, shoveling out the cat poop, and digging up the dandelions when they showed up. Not a pretty sight.

Enter my wonderful husband.

He came home for R&R from work and decided to sort it out. He worked all day in the sun, happily I might add. (I die in the sun, but he loves it. ) He dug up all the weeds. Removed all the cat poop. Found a trellis for my poor clematis and tamed the crazy daisies. We had a bunch of stepping stones buried all over the back yard from the previous owner’s garden design. He dug them up and hauled them to the front of the house. He arranged them and then went and got some of those lava rocks and the white sparkly rocks.  After some artful scattering and a bit of rearrangement of some driftwood that was laying around.


 I have a very pretty front flower bed.

I don’t know what I’d do without my wonderful husband.

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is finally working its magic! I hope with all these flowers we will get a lovely fruit crop this year!


I’m not sure what these are by they are everywhere in my yard!




Apple blossom!


Crabapple blossom


Wild Plums!




Current bush!




And we can’t forget the dandelion invasion!

Mushroom Invasion


I haven’t been watering my lawn much this year because it’s mostly dandelions. So things were pretty dried out. Then is rained for a few days and BOOM!

My yard is covered in mushroom colonies! There are two varieties. These brown ones and some white ones. I don’t really know much about mushrooms but HOLY COW! There’s a bunch of them!