Destined to be a writer

When I think back to my childhood, I realize that I was always writing even without paper. I remember coming up with ridiculously intricate narratives as I went about my daily playing.

I know that most kids do that and it is simply imagination. However, I used to play out the scene I was imagining and if it wasn’t quite right I would start over. I remember playing the same scenario over and over until it worked out perfectly. Even if it was only a single line it word.
Needless to say I didn’t play well with others. They said it was just me being picky or a perfectionist. I know different now.

I also remember playing with my GI Joes and Star Wars toys. (This was the 70s and early 80s). I realized that it was more trouble to set them up and play than it was to just set them out and play it out in my head.

Now I play out entire plots and subplots in my head. Which is a good thing because I have barely any time to actually sit down and write it out.

I just know that everything that I have done has brought me to this point and I have learned more in the last year than I have in the ten before it. A year ago I knew nothing of author platforms or Wattpad or even NaNoWriMo and now look at me… I have a website, readership following on Wattpad, a social network as a writer, and a stack of rejection letters. Who knew I could get this far? Fulfilling a destiny is painful and hard but totally worth it.


Generation Y move over. Here comes Generation Do I Have To

There are times when I just want to scream! I know it makes me sound old but the kids these days! ARGH!

I am part of Generation X. No one had any idea what we were going to do. Some of it has been good and some bad, but at least we are trying.     Then there is the Y Generation, questioning everything wanting to know why it can’t be better or different or even why its there to start with. I can understand that. Change comes from questioning things. I’m okay with that.

But the next group coming up AHHHHHHHH! They are the Do I Have To Generation!

They don’t want to work anymore than they have to. They don’t want the effort to outweigh the benefits. Come on people! If you don’t work for something you’ll never get anything.

I blame the “everyone is a winner” philosophy that started a few years ago. They didn’t want any of the kids to feel bad about not winning so they all got trophies. Well folks, I’m sorry, but someone has to win and someone has to lose. That is the nature of  life itself. I’m not talking about sporting events alone. There are all sorts of things in the world that require competition: jobs, health, survival of species.

If there is no winning or losing then there is no DRIVE! If there is nothing to strive for then why get up in the morning? Oh wait, I forgot most of this generation DOESN’T! They expect it all to come to them! Technology is helping their cause making everything easier and more accessible from the couch. Yes, we all dream of being independently wealthy but that doesn’t mean its going to happen on its own. Sometimes you have to go out and beat the world into submission and drag home your success like spoils of war!

Craftsmanship, Art, pride in your work, and Creativity is in decline! Stand up! Do something! Don’t be the Do I Have To Generation! Please for the sake of our species, be the Generation that demands excellence and strives toward that beacon of success like your lives depend on it because it DOES!

The Have and the Have Not

She Has.

Her life is everything you could want. She has a big beautiful house. She has clothes from the latest designers. Jewelry that could feed a nation. There’s a car in the garage for everyday of the week.

She throws A- list parties and invites all her friends. She spends the whole time wondering if her friends a gossiping about her. Are they all judging her house, her clothes, her family? Where is her husband anyway? He promised to be here. Was she not good enough anymore? Did she need plastic surgery? Would that make her worth it again?
She stares out the window dreaming of a better life.

She Has Not.

She lives in a subsidized apartment. She wants to work but cannot. Her wages won’t pay for a babysitter or daycare and the bills so she stays home. She tries to be the best mom she can but it’s hard to always tell her children they cannot afford the things their friends have.

The only thing she has to give is herself. She takes her neighbor her leftovers even though her family could make another meal out of it because she knows that her neighbor has even less than she does.
She sits outside at night with her friends and neighbors and they talk until it’s dark watching their children play together. United by circumstances but not judging each other.
She stares into the night and dreams of a better life.