Senior Moment

It is basketball tournament time. All teams in the district are pitted against each other with the aim of finding the best team to send on to the next level and then on to State. It’s an emotional time especially for the Seniors.
During their entire high school career they have played the games hoping to win but sometimes losing. If they lose they always go home thinking that there’s always next time or there’s always next year, until they hit that Senior Moment.
That last game of the last season and they realize there are no more chances. There will never be another high school basketball game. Oh they may come to see their friends or siblings play but it will never be their game. And it hits them hard.
It’s that moment where they suddenly realize they’re adults now. I know that most say it’s graduation that does it and maybe it is but the point is that it’s a Moment. A life changing moment.
The trick is how to take it. Do you cry and lament that it’s all over. Or do you look back and say, “I gave my all to every second of every season” and feel proud?
Isn’t every moment in life like that? Isn’t every moment a Senior Moment?
Do you look at your life every day and think, “It’s over and I’ll never get another chance.” Or do you think, “I gave every thing I had for every second of every day?”
What’s your Senior Moment like?