I don’t know whose idea this was but…AWESOME!IMG_5398


Waffles are my friends!

A few days ago I was ranting about menu conflicts in my house.
I wanted to say a little more in that subject. There are some magic meals that everyone eats and I can actually relax and enjoy a meal.
Waffles! Waffles are my friends!
Every single person in the family loves waffles. Even my son who seems to be a run-by-the-table eater will sit and scarf down several waffles with no argument. And you can make them in so many flavors! Like gingerbread or chocolate chip, or blueberry, or apple, or really anything you can think of and then you can add fruit sauces or berry syrups! AHH! YEAH WAFFLES! You saved my sanity!
It truly is the little victories that keep us going.