LBGT Chicken

White chicken hen that has one foot raised to start walking

Yes, I know. Most of you are scowling at the screen and wondering what the Hell I had for breakfast, but really I’m not crazy.

Well, I am, but not about a chicken.

No, this is about my mom’s chicken. You see she lives on a farm and she has a small flock of egg layers. She is lacking a rooster right now but she generally gets enough eggs for herself and for a couple of other ladies. However, recently one of her hens started acting a bit odd. It’s been strutting around like a rooster. It cocks its head like a rooster and it even tired its wing at crowing the other day.

Weird? Yes.

When she told me about this chicken, I began to wonder.  Can a chicken change gender? There are many species in the world that will change gender in a same sex environment to ensure the perpetuation of the species. But would a chicken?

Yes and no.

According to science the chicken can change gender just not really. A female can become male-like but can not fertilize eggs. So the she is a he that is still a she. Confused? Me too.

Apparently chickens have both sex organ available but only one develops and the other stays dormant until stress or illness trips the trigger and the male organ starts producing male hormones.  But get this: hens can become male, but cockerels can not become female.

I don’t know why.

Basically this all comes down to “Yay! We learned something really weird today!” And my mom now has a hen named Dave.

Have a great day!

Southweastern BBQ Tortilla Pizzas

This is a favorite in my house. 

You spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray. Place your tortilla on the cookie sheet. 

Spread your favorite BBQ sauce on the tortilla,

Sprinkle bite size pieces of steak or chicken on next.

Sprinkle stir fried peppers and southwestern veggies (corn, onions, peppers, black beans)

Cover with cheese and bake at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted and enjoy!