Random Song Pick Saturday: Mazama – Jay Chattaway

This fabulous song is about the explosion of a volcano. I was first introduced to it as a kid when our school band participated in a Band Day where all the high school bands from around our corner of the state got together for a massive concert. This is the only song that I know of that managed to accommodate the overabundance of percussionists that come with that many bands. Being part of that kind of group was one of the best experiences of my life.

I had a hard time finding a good video for it but this one is pretty good!

It always gives me chills when I listen to it.  Enjoy!


Sunspots, we all love them.

We all know that cats love sunspots and people love sunspots. In my earlier post Sunspots. Everyone loves them we learned that snowmen love them. Today I found that toy dogs love them too.


This little fella made his way to the sunspot from across the room where he usually sleeps on top of the headboard in my son’s room. I guess it was worth the trip.

5 things I learned in July


1. Sunsets are more beautiful when you are almost home.


2. Frozen yogurt tubs will shatter when you accidentally knock them out of the freezer.


3. Gummie vitamins will melt if you travel with them in the trunk when it is 102 degrees out.


4. Yes, you can make the amazing thing you had at Denny’s in your own kitchen.


5. Our livestock has grown to terrifying proportions. No chicken should be this big and be healthy.


Picture Prompt: Waiting

Stone man

15 minutes of writing with this picture as a guide…GO!


He waited.

He perched on the rocks at the edge of the lake. She said she would return. She made him promise that he wouldn’t move from that spot until she returned and so he waited. His faith in her never wavered. He knew their love was true; the kind of true legends spoke of.

A knight in Arthur’s own court he had been there the day that The Lady had risen from the Lake to collect the sword from a dying Arthur. It was the day that he had fallen in love. She was one of the lady’s retainers. So beautiful and shy but she looked at him and he knew she felt the same.

They met in secret after that. He lived by the Lake shore waiting for any time he could have with her. He begged and pleaded for her to come with him. She always refused afraid to leave her place of honor in the Lake. Then one day she finally agreed. She made him promise to stay until she returned. She had to tell the Lady of the Lake.

Honor bound, he stayed.

He waited.

His back grew stiff and tired.

He leaned forward trying to see if she was rising from the deep but still she didn’t come.

His beard grew long.

Still, he waited.

His muscles stiffened and more and more each day. He stayed so still he felt as if he turned to stone, but still he waited. He knew that she would come back. Their love was true; the kind of true legends spoke of.

He would wait.

I’m Living in a Movie


Sounds strange I know, but I couldn’t escape the feeling the other night when we were at a basketball game.

My daughter was in the pep band playing songs. The cheerleaders were dancing along. The boys were warming up before the varsity game. I know most of these kids, they hang out at our house with my daughter.

Around me there are parents socializing. We were playing against a town not more than 30 miles away. Everyone knows everyone here. Everything in Montana is local. The conversations were either gossip or farm talk.

I realized suddenly that I was living in a movie. One of those small town America feel good movies. I know that this is reality etc etc, but it’s a feeling of perspective. To view our lives from the outside, we can often become a lot less upset about the events that are swirling around us. If I were watching a movie about my life I wouldn’t be near as stresses as I am while living it. So I guess sometimes it is best to stop and look around and really SEE what is around us. It might change your life.

Don’t get it in your eyes!

My daughter. She is always they healthy one in the family. She works out and is very health conscious. She tries to use mostly all organic products for her face and soaps but…

Poor girl came to me one night with what she said felt like an eyelash in her eye.  I looked and looked but found nothing. We rinsed out her eye with water and still it bothered her. Tried tears but still nothing.  She finally went to bed still hurting but too tired to care.

IMG_7270She woke the next morning with her eye still bothering her and she wisely left the make-up off of that eye and went to school. Part way through the day she asked to come home. Her eye lid was swollen halfway shut and it was red from her eyebrow down to her cheekbone and the white of her eye was completely bloodshot.

We headed over to the doctor.

He thought maybe it was an infection but she had just come off of antibiotics from having Bronchitis. This puzzled the doctor. So we got do something gross.

He numbed her eyeball and dyed it yellow then shone a black-light on it. IMG_7271Truly a freakish thing to see your daughter with yellow eye and purple skin. Turns out she had a corrosive burn on her cornea.

Scary huh? You’ll never believe what it was from. A little granual from the exfoliating face scrub she used to wash her face had gotten into her eye the night before and sat in there burning her eye.

They treated it with steroid drops and she was better in about a day but it was still a scary wake up call.

SO when it say don’t get it in your eyes, DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES!

The Christmas tree of our Lives.

I know that Christmas is over and done and its onward with another year but I feel like there is a lesson here that can be applied to the New Year and beyond.


A week or so ago, I posed about my son’s homemade ornaments. They were just paper circles with yarn on them but they are hanging front and center on our Christmas tree.

It wasn’t because he’s Autistic and  interest in his own creations is a new step in his development. It was because my son made something and he was proud of them.


When I was little, my school had a tree in the lobby by the office that they wanted each student to bring an ornament from home to decorate it. My mom had a lot of very old glass ornaments and she wasn’t willing to let me take one. I didn’t blame her, knowing my school it probably wouldn’t have survived. So she sat down and made me an ornament. It was a mouse made from black yarn, felt and some string, It has become my all-time favorite ornament. It has a place of honor at the top of our tree every year.

IMG_6983 When my son was in Kindergarten, they needed moms to help with the IMG_6984Christmas party. They wanted us to have crafts for the kids to take home.  I had no idea what I was doing but we ended up with foam-paper snowmen. They were really cute and my daughter gave her’s a little puff ball pet. They also grace the tree every year.


IMG_6989My daughter’s class when she was little, made Popsicle stick reindeer. Poor thing is about to fall IMG_6990apart and only hangs by his tail now. It’s had to be repaired with more tape every year, but it makes it to the tree along with the story of its creation as told my my daughter with sparkling eyes and a sweet smile.  She also made the painted glass ornament. One year we sent a bunch of these glass DIY painted ornaments to my mom for her tree too.

The point to all this is that our Christmas tree is made from memories not just from ornaments. Even the angel on top is a memory. She has graced the top of the tree every year that we have been married. We bought her together in our first year of marriage.IMG_6987It’s messy and a bit lopsided but every year our Christmas tree is a testament to our lives. It is every hope and dream and memory that we have lived. Year after year we add bits here and there.

It’s like building your character or personality. You start out with just a plain tree. You add lights, the spark of your life that glows and sparkles. It shines through the night making a home out of a house. Then you start adding the shiny bits and the goofy laughs. The happy memories and the stories, not just of one life but a whole family. You fill the bottom with presents of love and thoughtfulness. Then you gather around and celebrate the life you have created together.

It stays there until the New Year begins. Yes, you take it down to start a fresh year but it is still standing on New Years Day, so all those memories and stories are there as the foundation for the coming year to be built on. So I say decorate your tree like you choose to live your life. Stay away from just decorating with whatever is “in” this year. Make it a Christmas Tree of your Life!