Mexican lasagna vegetarian alternative

Ok so you all know about my menu issues right? In an effort to accommodate my vegetarian I have had to adapt a lot of recipes. Well, one of my very favorite dishes Mexican Lasagna had to be integrated into the vegetarian diet. You have to understand this is an awesome simple meal that my daughter’s friends all ask for the recipe. I LOVE THIS THING!

Okay, so I had to make it in two versions. The regular and the vegetarian. I will explain both.

First I use cheap ingredients, what can I say we are on a budget. So ground beef and cans of pinto beans, black beans, diced tomatoes, and corn. Some spring onions,taco seasoning with water, tortillas, cream cheese, and some shredded cheese.20140719-141734-51454343.jpg

Chop up your spring onions. Then brown the ground beef. Drain the beans and tomatoes.


In another pan saute the spring onions just for a bit, until they are smelling good then dump the tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans and some corn. Cook it over medium heat for a bit until it’s bubbling. Keep stirring it. When the beef is browned, add taco seasoning to it ( about a 1/4 cup of loose seasoning or one package mix) and water enough to make it mix in well. You can following the directions on the package for regular taco meat.

Then add about a 1/4 cup of taco seasoning to the bean mixture and stir it in. This shouldn’t need any water. Let all this cook for a bit while you prepare the tortillas.

Spread the cream cheese on the tortilla like frosting, cover the whole surface. Then roll it up jelly roll style. Just start at one end and roll with the cream cheese in the middle. You’ll want enough tortilla rolls to make one layer across the pan.

Once you are done with this. Mix some of the bean mixture into the taco meat. Then pour some of the mixture into the bottom of a pan. As you can see I did one pan with vegetarian(Left) and one with meat(Right).


Then layer the shredded cheese over the top. Once there is a good covering of cheese layer the tortillas across the pan.



Then another layer of meat or veggie mix. Try to spread if evenly across the tortillas.



Then of course a final layer of cheese.



Throw it in the oven on about 350 until the cheese melts and if you like the crunchy consistency to the cheese on top then after the cheese melts then just turn the oven to broil and wait a few minutes. At this point keep an eye on it. It can burn fast under the broiler.

Leah said that she really liked the meatless version. So thought I would share. I think that next time I will make them in loaf pans. Normally I make one pan this size for 4 of us and with two pans this size and only 3 of us eating, it lasted way too long. We were eating leftover lasagna for days. Or maybe I’ll freeze the extra, who knows?


Parenting Secrets


Parenting secret number…um… Let’s say 657.
Kids will eat pretty much anything when you put it on a stick.

I have tried many times to get my son to eat things like steak or mushrooms. The response is usually “Ick!”
Then there’s the vegetarian. She obviously won’t eat meat so every meal must be altered to accommodate. So I decided the best way to accommodate the vegster was to chop stuff up and let her pick out what she won’t eat.

I wanted kabobs. I wanted kabobs with steak and pineapple and teriyaki sauce. So…

Steak, pineapples, green bell peppers, mushrooms, mangos, and precooked shrimp all shoved on a stick. Some without steak for Leah and some without peppers for William. Cooked at 450 degrees for while with just some oil. Then brushed on the teriyaki sauce when the meat was cooked.

Stuck it on the table and Poof!
Both kids are eating. William thinks dinner on a stick is funny. (He’s 8 and Autistic everything different is either scary or funny). He ate the steak and even a mushroom! Leah, of course, devoured 4 kabobs. Score one for mom!

I wonder what else I can put on a stick.