Random Song Pick Saturday: Evanescence – Lithium

Had to put this out there. There are those who need Lithium but are reluctant because of the stigmas. It’s typically used as a mood stabilizer for those with bipolar disorder. You don’t have to be afraid. It could be so much better.

In an interview with MTV Italy, Amy Lee of Evanescence said,

“ It’s not literal, it’s not literal about the drug for me, I’ve never taken lithium before. It’s sort of a metaphor about numbness and happiness and sort of like, it’s me looking at happiness in a negative way because I’ve always been, you know, kind of afraid to be happy. Like with the band and the art and everything else, it’s always like I’m never letting myself break through into the happiness it seems like, because it’s not cool or something. And describing happiness is lithium, it’s like saying ‘that’s numbness, I won’t be able to be an artist anymore if I’m happy’, which is hilarious because that’s just not true, I’m happy. So it’s like this fight within the song of like ‘do I do this and get out of here and get happy or do I wallow in it like I always do?’ and it’s cool because at the end of the song I say ‘I’m going to let it go’, like I am going to be happy.[2] ”



One thought on “Random Song Pick Saturday: Evanescence – Lithium

  1. I take lithium – it has saved my life as far as bipolar disorder goes. The side effects are now minimal since I found the right dose.

    In lithium’s defense, it doesn’t always numb. My dad was a professional violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and he took lithium for bipolar.

    I have postpartum bipolar disorder. While I’m not at the creative level of Amy Lee in any way, I write songs, I sing, play (shitty) guitar, and I’m having a book published this fall by Post Hill Press called “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder.” (It contains a lot of crazy ideas from the mind of a mom! 😉

    I feel joy, I laugh my ass off….most often at myself or my dog Lucy. I know many people in the bipolar community who take lithium, and I’ve observed that lithium doesn’t always numb one’s creativity and zest for life.

    To learn about its fascinating history, read Dr. Greg de Moore’s book “Finding Sanity: John Cade Lithium, and the Taming of Bipolar Disorder.”

    Have a good one, & hope you don’t mind my putting this out there.

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