My sewing machine died


I hate when things wear out. Especially things that have worked great for a really long time.

Meet my sewing machine. It’s a Brother VX-808. It used to be white and red now it is a bit yellowed. My mom bought this machine for me when I was first learning to sew. I was about 9 or 10 and I was taking the sewing project in 4-H. I couldn’t handle her big machine so she got me a simpler one.

I learned all about seems and button holes and how to untangle my messes on this machine.  I carried this machine all over the world including to Scotland when we lived there.  I’ve sewn costumes, gloves, re-usable shopping bags, and  a ton of clothes. In the last few years, bits of my machine were starting to fail. The light wouldn’t stay on no matter what you did but would flash on suddenly for no reason. There was nasty knocking noise no matter how much I oiled it. The little feet that feed the material through no longer fed anything, and now the thread always tangles after a couple of stitches.

I’ve tried repairing it but to no avail. Alas, after 30 some years of use it has finally died. I feel like I should have a funeral or something. It has been with me longer than my husband or any of my friends.

I have found a replacement. During the Black Friday craziness, JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on Wednesday that offered Singer Heavy Duty machines that are normally around $300 for $179. I couldn’t pass it up. I bought it, but I will miss my old machine.

Farewell Brother VX-808, Rest well, you’ve earned it.



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