I Am Woman See Me Organize a Closet

So basically my son’s closet is a mess. When we first moved into this house, his closet had a huge shelf that took up the bottom and was about 2 feet deep. It wasn’t practical for anything except maybe poster board. There was also only one small clothes rack in the corner. Needless to say that the toys took over. img_8594

So I got this great idea to use one of those closet organizer systems.  It was the Closet Maid $99 dollar set, nothing fancy. I thought it would be easy to get all the toys out and then put the organizer in and BOOM done. Alas I was mistaken. img_8596

img_8595Once everything was out I realized that not only was there a color difference on the wall from where the old shelf had been, there was also the lack of carpeting that I totally forgot about.  Not only was there no carpet in most of the closet there was also two different kinds of tiling. Great!


I had the dubious pleasure of trying to get the carpet out and that included trying to pry up the little demon strips they use to keep the carpet from moving around. I say demon strips because I kneeled on one and believe me it’s a demon strip, nails on both sides sticking out at all angles, it’s evil.img_8597
So then I needed to paint. I didn’t really want to buy more paint just for a closet so I used what we had already sitting around. My daughter had painted her room candy floss blue and pink once and I figured that the blue would be light enough for a closet. img_8598 Next I tackled the floor tiles. I was not into pulling up all the old tiles so I just bought some of those stick on laminate floor tiles in a parquet design. Measured them all out and stuck them down. Just FYI the closet was not square. It got interesting toward the last corner. Then added a carpet to tile trim piece.img_8600 Now finally after a whole day of fiddling around I got to put the organizer in. YAY! Incidentally my son decided the floor was the best part. He’s used it as a bowling alley and a roller skating rink so far.img_8603 I let it air out for a day then put all the toys and junk back in. TADA! Not bad for and idiot with a hammer and about $150.


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