Thoughts and Pictures: Just Passing By

Just some observations that I’ve made in passing.

  1. Kids are really inventive. If you’ll notice the second floor window on the Middle School building. There is a Powerade bottle sitting on the sill. The window swings outward. I don’t know how they got it there but I appreciate the skill involved. img_8678
  2. Apparently the moth found the proverbial flame and decided to stay instead of burning up. I noticed this as the wax melted. img_8669
  3. This is the ice in the rain barrel. It froze over oddly. The ice is about a 1/4 of an inch thick but it is ridged and there is a perfect diamond in the upper right that is not frozen at all. Weird. img_8656
  4. This is a stack of potting soil outside of a store. As you can see there is a hole. I was just wondering if someone was taking a page from “The Great Escape” and taking the bag home one hand full at  time.img_8642
  5. A beautiful Montana sunrise. No explanation needed.img_8630
  6. I just love the simplicity of this apartment’s Halloween decorating. Just a simple Jack O’Lantern, but for some reason it seemed so cozy and homey. img_8629
  7. This is just my cat being melodramatic in the neighbor’s decorations.img_8590
  8. And last but not least….pink snow courtesy of sunrise. img_8521

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