Writing prompt: He never saw it coming.

He never saw it coming. He was too busy ordering more food. I did a double take then whipped around to see if anyone else had noticed.

No one else was watching either.

The man impatiently tapped his foot as he regarded the menu. The bored teen behind the counter waited staring blankly at him without actually seeing him. I glanced back down where the lizard had been. It wasn’t there. My eyes searched the tiles looking for the four legged intruder. The pattern of food particles and grease smears made perfect camouflage. Finally I spotted it. It was nearly under his heel.

I rose up half out of my seat without actually having a plan. If I yelled lizard would anyone listen? Or would they just toss me out thinking I was just another crazy kid out for attention. Better if I just sneak up on it.

I looked around again. Still no one was watching. Slowly I walked up to the counter acting like I was going to order something.  The little green reptile turned a buggy eye on me and flicked its tongue in challenge. I glared at it accepting.

For every step I took it waddle closer to the man. I was only about a foot away when it darted up the back of his pant leg. I gasped and froze waiting for the man to notice but he only shifted his weight and asked about the lettuce on the burgers. The lizard eyed me again and flicked his tongue taunting me with his latest victory. I sneered at it and stepped closer reaching my hand out, ready to grasp the scaly little beast.

Watching me it flicked its tongue and darted a little higher coming to rest on the man’s back pocket where his wallet bulged. I leaned forward ready to grab. Just as I tried to catch it, it darted up the man’s back and my hand landed on his pocket.

He whirled around and grabbed me by the shirt, “What the hell are you doing trying to do steal my wallet?”

I gaped unable to answer as the lizard appeared on top of his shoulder flicking its tongue at me again.


2 thoughts on “Writing prompt: He never saw it coming.

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