This was the writing prompt: The lights go off for 5 seconds and when they come back on there is a note on the window that says one word : Run.

I stared at the note.

“What the…?”

I know that most people would get all wobbly kneed and heart pounding panicky but I didn’t. All I did was stare.

“Run!” I read again.

“Wait.” I peered closer. The red marker clashed horridly with the yellow of the sticky note. Then finally it clicked. I knew that handwriting.

“Seriously!” I stormed out the door and ripped the little yellow sheet off the window crumpling it in my hand.

I scanned the street. She was here somewhere. I just knew it, but I couldn’t see her. Finally I turned to go back in side. Fast-balling the note into the trash.

“Run,” I muttered, “I’m not coming back Teri!” I shouted even though she couldn’t hear me.

I hated her overpriced treadmill class. I couldn’t stand all those ‘looking for my next ex-husband’ students of her’s. I hated the music she chose and I sure as Hell hated her stalking me about my fitness choices.

“Run,” I grumbled again. “She better run if ever see her.” I stared out the window searching again but I saw no sight of my health stalker.


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