Writing Prompt: Body Armor

The prompt was: You’re hanging out with a friend and you notice they are wearing body armor under their clothes. So 15 minutes later….

Body Armor

“I mean, what was I supposed to say?” Harry grinned.  “She was gorgeous.”

“You’re blowin’ smoke.”  I shook my head.

“Nah really!” Harry held up his hand. “I swear!”

I glanced up and notice his shirt was sticking out funny from his collar.

As harry lowered his hand he pulled his shirt down. I thought I saw something black under his shirt. I tried to be cool and not stare. But then Harry stuck a finger in his collar and pulled it out to adjust it. I definitely saw something this time.

I looked down at my coffee. What had I just seen? I glanced up again. Harry was shaking his head and stirring his pancakes with his fork.

“I mean who’s gonna turn down spending 5 minutes alone with Natalia Trechnekov?”

“Why would Natalia Trechnekov talk to you?” I tried to get a look at his collar. He was wearing something black and solid under his shirt. I leaned forward trying to get a better look. It looked like…was he wearing body armor?

Harry looked up with a hurt look on his face. “How can you ask that?’

“Dude she’s the daughter of the Russian mob boss! You’re a fry cook!”

“Hey, I’m a damn good fry cook.” Harry pointed at me with his fork then shrugged. “Maybe she likes cooks! “

“Yeah ‘cause you smell like fries. “ I laughed.

“Whatever man,” Harry shook his head and looked around the diner. It was a pretty busy breakfast rush. Suddenly Harry straightened looking toward the door. He spun away around and slouched with his hand over his face.

“What are you doing?’ I looked around and spotted two guys standing near the door. They were wearing long black coats and sunglasses.

“Dude! Don’t look at them!”

“Who?” I looked at Harry he was trying very hard to disappear under the table. Suddenly it clicked. Natalia and a fry cook? Body armor? Black trench coats?

“What they hell did you do, Harry?”


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