Writing Prompt: Washed Away


The writing prompt: She walked into the rain and disappeared and that was the last anyone saw of her.

Washed Away

She walked into the rain.

I knew right then I should have said yes.

She turned to say goodbye as the downpour saturated her clothing. Then the rain began to wash her away. I had never seen anything like it. Every drop that hit her skin took away a little more of her.

Her eyes held mine as more and more of her dissolved. She didn’t seem to be any pain. The peace in her eyes was tempered with sadness as she slowly dissolved.

Every second that passed I regretted more and more not agreeing to go with her. We could have traveled and seen so much. We could have been happy. Regret forced my feet forward until I was running toward her ready to go.

I blinked away the rain that poured into my eyes. And just like that she disappeared. I was too late. That was the last I saw of her, that was the last anyone saw of her. I just stood there staring as the midnight sky continued to cry.

As usual 15 minutes of writing. Post it in the comments or just add a link back.

Have fun!


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