Writing from a picture prompt: Breath of life

This was the picture prompt. We had fifteen minutes to write something.cloud breath

Please feel free to write a flash fiction based on this picture and stick the link to it in the comments.This is what I wrote.

Breath of Life

It had to be replenished, but it would hurt. They were already hurting. Slowing. Breathing their last. Life was just about extinguished. She sighed. Too long had she wandered the universe. She had left them alone for so many centuries and they had forgotten. They were to live with, not off the life of the planet.

Too late.

It would take nearly everything she had now to revive the dying world. Was it worth it? Long ago she had spent almost all of her life force creating the planet and literally breathing life into the dead world. It had been her greatest achievement. They had thrived while she recovered. Now they expired while she thrived.

She shrugged causing solar winds to puff out across the galaxy. Perhaps this is how it is always supposed to be. A balance: life for life. They would thrive again and she would recover, provided the damage wasn’t too extensive. She shook her head. No. It had been a dead world then now it was just injured. It would be easier this time.

She filled her lungs with the energies of the universe then bent low nearly kissing the surface of the planet and exhaled.

A torrent of wind and water rushed toward the ground then exploding through the crust and into the core. The planet sucked life into it like a dehydrated raisin returning to its previous life as a grape. The song of life exploded out from the center as the planet took its first real fresh breath in centuries.




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