I’m Living in a Movie


Sounds strange I know, but I couldn’t escape the feeling the other night when we were at a basketball game.

My daughter was in the pep band playing songs. The cheerleaders were dancing along. The boys were warming up before the varsity game. I know most of these kids, they hang out at our house with my daughter.

Around me there are parents socializing. We were playing against a town not more than 30 miles away. Everyone knows everyone here. Everything in Montana is local. The conversations were either gossip or farm talk.

I realized suddenly that I was living in a movie. One of those small town America feel good movies. I know that this is reality etc etc, but it’s a feeling of perspective. To view our lives from the outside, we can often become a lot less upset about the events that are swirling around us. If I were watching a movie about my life I wouldn’t be near as stresses as I am while living it. So I guess sometimes it is best to stop and look around and really SEE what is around us. It might change your life.


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