Don’t get it in your eyes!

My daughter. She is always they healthy one in the family. She works out and is very health conscious. She tries to use mostly all organic products for her face and soaps but…

Poor girl came to me one night with what she said felt like an eyelash in her eye.  I looked and looked but found nothing. We rinsed out her eye with water and still it bothered her. Tried tears but still nothing.  She finally went to bed still hurting but too tired to care.

IMG_7270She woke the next morning with her eye still bothering her and she wisely left the make-up off of that eye and went to school. Part way through the day she asked to come home. Her eye lid was swollen halfway shut and it was red from her eyebrow down to her cheekbone and the white of her eye was completely bloodshot.

We headed over to the doctor.

He thought maybe it was an infection but she had just come off of antibiotics from having Bronchitis. This puzzled the doctor. So we got do something gross.

He numbed her eyeball and dyed it yellow then shone a black-light on it. IMG_7271Truly a freakish thing to see your daughter with yellow eye and purple skin. Turns out she had a corrosive burn on her cornea.

Scary huh? You’ll never believe what it was from. A little granual from the exfoliating face scrub she used to wash her face had gotten into her eye the night before and sat in there burning her eye.

They treated it with steroid drops and she was better in about a day but it was still a scary wake up call.

SO when it say don’t get it in your eyes, DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES!


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