The Christmas tree of our Lives.

I know that Christmas is over and done and its onward with another year but I feel like there is a lesson here that can be applied to the New Year and beyond.


A week or so ago, I posed about my son’s homemade ornaments. They were just paper circles with yarn on them but they are hanging front and center on our Christmas tree.

It wasn’t because he’s Autistic and  interest in his own creations is a new step in his development. It was because my son made something and he was proud of them.


When I was little, my school had a tree in the lobby by the office that they wanted each student to bring an ornament from home to decorate it. My mom had a lot of very old glass ornaments and she wasn’t willing to let me take one. I didn’t blame her, knowing my school it probably wouldn’t have survived. So she sat down and made me an ornament. It was a mouse made from black yarn, felt and some string, It has become my all-time favorite ornament. It has a place of honor at the top of our tree every year.

IMG_6983 When my son was in Kindergarten, they needed moms to help with the IMG_6984Christmas party. They wanted us to have crafts for the kids to take home.  I had no idea what I was doing but we ended up with foam-paper snowmen. They were really cute and my daughter gave her’s a little puff ball pet. They also grace the tree every year.


IMG_6989My daughter’s class when she was little, made Popsicle stick reindeer. Poor thing is about to fall IMG_6990apart and only hangs by his tail now. It’s had to be repaired with more tape every year, but it makes it to the tree along with the story of its creation as told my my daughter with sparkling eyes and a sweet smile.  She also made the painted glass ornament. One year we sent a bunch of these glass DIY painted ornaments to my mom for her tree too.

The point to all this is that our Christmas tree is made from memories not just from ornaments. Even the angel on top is a memory. She has graced the top of the tree every year that we have been married. We bought her together in our first year of marriage.IMG_6987It’s messy and a bit lopsided but every year our Christmas tree is a testament to our lives. It is every hope and dream and memory that we have lived. Year after year we add bits here and there.

It’s like building your character or personality. You start out with just a plain tree. You add lights, the spark of your life that glows and sparkles. It shines through the night making a home out of a house. Then you start adding the shiny bits and the goofy laughs. The happy memories and the stories, not just of one life but a whole family. You fill the bottom with presents of love and thoughtfulness. Then you gather around and celebrate the life you have created together.

It stays there until the New Year begins. Yes, you take it down to start a fresh year but it is still standing on New Years Day, so all those memories and stories are there as the foundation for the coming year to be built on. So I say decorate your tree like you choose to live your life. Stay away from just decorating with whatever is “in” this year. Make it a Christmas Tree of your Life!


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