A little Autism quirk

My son has Autism. He sometimes has outburst due to frustration, anger, fear, or sometimes excitement. Sometimes we can tell when they are coming but other times not so much. Thunderstorms or perceived¬†thunderstorms that aren’t actually there are a big culprit in the summertime. The other night he thought he heard a thunderclap when it was actually a car going by and he ran through the house and slammed into our storm door ricocheting off of the top panel with both hands.

Thank God it was made of Plex-glass.


The top panel shot out of the metal frame and down the concrete steps busting out a large chunk of one side.

He was really upset and sorry that he had broken it but he was even more upset that I couldn’t fix it right away.

It’s one of those Autism Quirks that they don’t quite get the cause and effects of their actions.

I spent some time with packing tape and tried to put “Humpty” back together again. Finally with a lot of growling and snarling I got the piece back into the door. You almost can’t tell.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274


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