Fortune Cookie Freakish part 2

OK so last time we ate at the Chinese restaurant some crazy stuff happened with the fortune cookies. I thought it was a fluke. Then my daughter took me out for a “mommy-daughter day” and we happened to eat at the same Chinese food restaurant.

It was a lovely buffet and an enjoyable dining experience. Then the fortune cookies came with the check. My daughter picked hers first and opened it then laughed. It said, “Look for a lost penny that will bring you luck”

We laughed a little about the fortune and what it could mean then I happened to look down and right beside my foot under the table was… a penny.

I picked it up, giggle snorted,  and held it out to my daughter. She stared at it mystified.

“I’m really freaked out,” she said with her eyes wide and her mouth gaping.

I shrugged and folded the penny into the fortune and told her to put it in her wallet behind her driver’s license because you never know….



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