Spider Terror!

A frozen moment when you catch something out of the corner of your eye and you know it’s something horrible. An unexpected event that has your heart pounding and your knees shaking. When you are sure that if you really look it will be your last deed.

That moment gripped me the other day when I happened to glance down and I found this on my arm…


 I freaked out and wanted to smash it. That was one massive fuzzy white spider and it was on my arm!

Then logic got its chance and I couldn’t remember ever hearing about a fuzzy white spider. Was there even such a thing? So I took a closer look and realized that it was merely a feather that had gotten lodged in the threads of my shirt.

It then occurred to me that most unexpected things in life are like that. At first glance it is the scariest thing you can possibly think of and you respond with a knee-jerk reaction. Smash It!

Then when you take a moment and thing about it, it becomes quite ordinary and almost silly. This poor little “spider” suddenly became a topic of a very humorous conversation that included taking it and all of its fuzzy spider friends on tour through Vegas and making his own Magic Mike film!

Perhaps we all need to rein in our “Smash it!” tendencies and look to see if that unexpected event really is worth getting out the fly swatter for or if it’s one of those moments that could turn into something fun and memorable or even an event that we could learn from.



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