Only in Montana

The Seniors at the High School here in Conrad, MT get a little feisty every year toward the end of school. My daughter takes great pride in coming home and telling my what her friends have gotten up to. These pranks come in all sizes. Here is an example of just some of this years’. Covering the entire commons area floor with styrofoam cups of water so that you can’t walk through the school. Removing all the desks and chairs from classrooms and stacking them on the lawn or on the stairs. Camping on the grass. Plastic wrapping a students car that parked in the Senior parking. Writing physics equations all over the math teachers car. Rearranging all the contents of every locker in the school so no one could find their belongings. Turning all the posters in the English room upside down. You know harmless fun things.

But the best one came with Ride Your Horse to School Day. Apparently back on the books there is a law that says that the Principal must water and care for the students horses all day while the students were in school. So…..



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