Elementary Candle making

Long time ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was in 1st grade art class and we made candles. We melted our old crayons in a metal coffee can, yes they used to be metal. And we very carefully made candles with paper cups, paper clips and string.  I love to find ways to reuse or recycle old things instead of just throwing them away. So I thought what the hey, let’s do it again.

So I had this old peach mango candle that was so burnt down that only the metal of the wick was showing.

I popped out the metal piece with a spoon.

IMG_5679 IMG_5681IMG_5678

Then I found an old smaller candle holder, a giant paper clip and some string. Made a cool thingie to hold the new “wick.”


Microwaved the old candle at 30 second intervals because I really wasn’t sure how long it would take to melt the wax. Then poured it into the new candle holder. I missed a couple of times and managed to knock the wick into the glass but I just fished it out again.


I let the hot wax sit for a few hours and it had solidified into a lovely new candle. I managed to get a new glass jar out of it and a new candle. Not bad for something I learned in art class a million years ago. Guess it pays to keep the Arts in schools.



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