Best Dentist Office for Kids

         IMG_5304                 Dr. Keven Rencher’s office is the best place I have ever taken my son for dental work. Pediatric Dentistry  is located in Helena, MT.




Everything there is oriented toward kids. From the lobby to the exam rooms there is a running theme of exploring the world. The lobby is like an African or South American jungle. The exam rooms are themed from Whales to Birds, to Bugs.

The staff is always friendly and helpful. They work with a lot of kids like my Autistic son or those who have other disabilities and know how to handle their fears and pain. The nurses are always willing to go the extra distance to help any way they can. Dr. Rencher himself is a miracle. He knows exactly how to handle my son and get everything taken care of with the minimal amount of trauma. I personally am terrified of dentists but working with Dr. Rencher has shown me a lot about how great dentists can be. (If I could go to him as my dentist, I probably wouldn’t need Valium to get through the appointment!)


Each time a child gets finished with their appointment they are given a token or two for the toy machine. So every visit ends on a positive note.

I highly recommend going to see Dr. Rencher and the lovely staff at Pediatric Dentistry. It truly is a wonderland.



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