Great Falls Library Festival of the Book, Diverse Reads

During the month of April the Great Falls Montana Library celebrates the Festival of the Book.  There are many events but I only made it to one this year, Diverse Reads. Three amazing authors came to speak about their experiences and their writing. I was privileged to know two of them already and was happy to meet the third.

My good friend and partner in crime (or writing, which ever you prefer) Lisa Schmidt was one of the authors. Her daughter Abby (my son’s best friend) came along to hang out with my son while her mom “did her thing.” Lisa spoke about her experiences on the Graham Ranch and her adventures in writing. Her ranch is all about sustainability and  living WITH the land. She was a kick to listen too. Her book Prairie Ponderings is a collection of adventures on her ranch and I do mean adventures!


 New York Times Bestselling Author B.J.Daniels  spoke about her love of writing and how she found her way to Harlequin Intrigue novels. She also gave a short reading from one of her latest works which happened to have been printed without a page. She took it in stride and filled in the missing bits storyteller style. She’s a really fun lady!

Arlene Blessing, author of a travel book called We Were There But Where? Her humor shone through as she answered questions about her travels with candid answers bringing laughs from the whole room. She also read excerpts from her book.


The crowd was not massive but we were all happy to be there and the program dissolved into a group discussion with all three authors about what it’s like in the world of writing and publishing. Even the authors ended up trading information about what has worked for them and what they are trying to learn. All in all it was a very fun and very informative afternoon. I feel privileged to know these remarkable ladies. They are all down to earth, fun, personable, open women. Montana is truly a blessed place to have them amongst the populace.


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