Impulse Control

I was driving down our street on the way to pick up my son from school. When I saw this…

photo (2)

I couldn’t help it. I had a burning desire to swerve over and gun it. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a Dukes of Hazard moment?

Especially when driving a Dodge Grand Caravan minivan which basically has been a reminder that all my life’s hard work and ambition has been for nothing. I desperately wanted to be alive just for moment!

So like Ralph Phillips in the old cartoons, the real world slowly faded around me. It was just me and the ramp. I swerved to the side, stepped on the accelerator and aimed my… wait can’t drive a minivan, hmm something cooler? How about a Jeep with bad ass suspension? Oh and a roll cage (I’m can’t get that far from my practical side.)  …aimed my Jeep at the ramp .

The ramp rattled and shook as my speed launched me up the incline then WHOOSH!

I was airborne! Like an evil metal bird I sailed forward. The Jeep tilted slightly I wasn’t going to land straight.

WHAM! First one tire then the other three impacted the pavement. The Jeep and I bounced and rocked. I tried to hold it steady as I slowed down.

Finally I was back on the road docilely drive to get my son from school in my  minivan with no one the wiser about my impulse control issue.


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