So you want to commit suicide?

There seems to be a craze going around lately. It’s like a fad diet and just about as useful. All the kids today seem to think that committing suicide is the answer to all the trivial little hurts they receive.

Well I say, “How dare you!”

So what if your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you? So what if you got a bad grade on a test? These are the things you want to die over? Seriously? Of all the selfish, petty and ridiculously over-reactive things!

I realize that in all thing there is a relativity. It may seem like an incident is the most devastating of your young life but really…Your life is not that bad! There are people out there that far worse off and they DON’T WANT TO DIE!

Kids your age that are living in war zones getting bombed everyday are desperate to live and their lives are a lot crappier than your! Or how about the teenage girl who found out that she has cancer so bad that she had to have a limb amputated and lost all her hair from chemotherapy, she is fighting every day to live as long as she can. Or maybe it’s the soldier who is under constant mental and physical attack never knowing if the next step they take will land on a bomb that will kill them and all their friends. They still get up every day and fight to live.

How dare you threaten to destroy your life when tomorrow may be the best day of your life? How will you ever meet that Rock Star of your dreams? If you are dead then you’ll never see the next episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead or whatever your favorite show might be. You’ll never see your sports team win the championship.
There are so many things to live for. Just look around at the beauty of the world and all the wondrous things you haven’t tried or seen yet. If you commit suicide you’ll never get to travel and meet the thousands of people who will affect your life for better or for worse. How will you learn?

Not just that, how can you be so selfish as to put your family through that! Do you really want you little brother or sister to come in and find your lifeless body? Do you really want your family to have to live with the pain and anguish that your death will bring? Your parents who tucked you in at night and kissed your owies and held you when you were scared and had nightmares, is this how you would repay their love?

What of your friends? Should they have to go through pain of losing you and finally be brought to the point you are in now? Do you want them to feel like that? Do you want to be responsible for their anguish or even death?

I understand that there are people who believe that suicide is their only option, but it is not! If you feel like this GET SOME HELP! TALK TO SOMEONE! CALL A HOTLINE! Suicide is a problem that perpetuates itself. It’s a virus, infecting others with soul pain.
IS that what you want to do with your life?

How dare you!


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