A Little Rant about Medical Billing

I’m not normally one to air my laundry but I really want to hear some feedback on this topic.

Medical billing.

In February of 2013 I had to take my son on a Mercy Flight to the Children’s Hospital in Seattle. It was a nightmare trip. They thought he was having seizures in his brain and we had to do something ASAP. It all turned out to be nothing which really pissed me off. They had put us through Hellish hours of waiting and rushing and waiting and rushing and waiting.

It is now December of 2014 and we just got our first bill from the hospital in Great Falls where it all started. They are in a hurry to get paid. They want payment in full.  More than a year later. We are getting collection calls.

Now here are my questions: Does the medical billing world expect us to call them constantly after receiving services asking when we can pay? Why is it our fault that the bill is now over a year old? If they are going to sit on the bill for that long, why can’t we sit on the payment for the same amount of time without repercussions?

Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. We get to go through traumatic medical hoopla and then we are in limbo wondering what is going on with the bill or the results of tests. Then a over a year later our credit scores are in crisis for no reason because the billing department suddenly has a burn up its butt. Billing is really one of the most unfair things about the medical industry.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just us?


One thought on “A Little Rant about Medical Billing

  1. Oh yeah.Just got a bill from the local hospital for services rendered April, 2012. They overinflate what they think their services are worth, then assume people have money just falling out of their pockets on demand.

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