Turkey or not turkey?


I wanted a turkey dinner but not the effort. So I got one of the Jenny-O Turkey roasts. I’ve always liked the turkey roasts. They only take a couple of hours and poof you’ve got a lovely turkey and gravy dinner. Just add potatoes.
Then there’s the vegetarian daughter… What to feed her?
How about a Quorn Tutk’y Roast?
ingredients (I still don’t know what exactly the fake turkey is made out of even though I’ve read the ingredients repeatedly.)

Well… I made them. I enjoyed the Hell out if mine and my daughter was so excited she ate two helpings. She said she wanted to “eat this for dinner every night”. Umm…yeah. I don’t really think so but I’m glad she’s happy.

Here’s the thing though, weirdly enough they almost taste the same. Kinda freaks me out. If it’s not made of turkey then why does it taste like turkey. I mean I know that is the point but it’s weird!
I’m glad that there are meat replacement products that can give vegetarians a similar meal experience to carnivores. I know it makes my daughter uncomfortable sometimes when she has to be singled out to have a different meal. The thing that worries me is whether or not I’m helping or harming her by serving strange concoctions that are meatless meat.
Shoot me if you wanna but all I can think of is “Soylent Green is people!”
Just saying…


2 thoughts on “Turkey or not turkey?

  1. Mycoprotein, I assume, comes from mushrooms (myco). I do love me some mushrooms, though their use of “mycoprotein” in the ingredient listings rather than “mushrooms” leads me to believe there is some sort of extraction process similar to how TVP is produced from soybeans (involving petrochemical solvents like hexane). I could go for real, honest portabellos in their full mushroom form and glory as a substitute for turkey, but not that.


    “Autolyzed yeast extract” is another name for MSG, which is a handy chemical in the food world for tricking the brain into thinking something tastes good. Some form of it is found in pretty much all fake meat products. Without it, it would just be some kind of substance that wouldn’t even rate “fake meat” status — the brain immediately rejects it. It’s meant to mimic certain amino acids that are found in real food.

    This one is to share, for a chuckle: http://sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

    Who knew? 😀

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