Just a dose of irony

This is my daughter trying on Halloween costumes in Target. She is a vegetarian. I find this ridiculously ironic.



5 thoughts on “Just a dose of irony

      • I could indeed do just that… but I will give. 🙂

        First, if one is a vegetarian because of feedlots, cruelty, and massive slaughterhouses, there is an option. Meat can also come from family farms where animals are treated well, live in sunshine and clean air, and are slaughtered humanely. So choosing that option exercises one’s fiscal vote, whereas vegetarianism does not. This is my choice, incidentally.

        Or, if one is a vegetarian for environmental reasons, I must point out that vegetarianism is worse for the environment, because row crops mine fertility from the land without manure to return it. Herbivores on grass, however, self-harvest and self-fertilize without fossil fuel input. Furthermore, the majority of the planet’s land is only suitable for grazing, not row cropping. See Allan Savory’s talk at ted.com for an explanation.

        Lastly, if one chooses vegetarianism because one cannot condone taking lives, then one must consider that plants are also alive — and yes, sentient –which becomes a chase down Absurdity Lane. Everything must eat something else to live. End of story. Sacrificing one’s humanity to save the life of a cow is not moral superiority. It’s weakness.

        The one logical reason I could imagine for it would be if one has a meat allergy… which does not exist.

        Now then, I can say bravo to your young padawan for standing up for what she believes in… but I do not have to assume that a teenager possesses the wisdom to fully comprehend the present and future consequences of her choices, not least of which is personal health. (Note the contrast between the world’s meat-eating peoples vs. vegetarian peoples in size, strength, intelligence, and technological advancement.) (Note also that we can make a qualitative distinction in meats; i.e. McDonald’s pink slime vs. a grass-fed organic steak.)

        That’s all I got for tonight… which wasn’t my first essay of the night…. 🙂

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