Depression era values in the Information Age

I was taught that you don’t throw things away if you can reuse them for something else. Maybe it comes from never having money to buy things or maybe it is from Depression Era values that were instilled in us when we were kids.  Our grandparents lived through WWII and the depression they learned not to take anything for granted. You never knew when something was never going to be available again, so you learned to keep everything and reuse it. The original repurposing generation.

Now we sit here in the Information Age where everything is designed to be throw away. Everything comes in plastic bags, or bottles. Now you are going to say that there are recycling centers set up all over for the purpose of replenishing our resources and reducing waste. Well, yes, but not everywhere. I live in rural Montana and they are still trying to get a lot of the recycling sorted out up here.

I always thought that we should set the prisons to sorting and recycling our land fills. Gives them something to do and reduces our waste problems. I know what you are thinking, “That’s cruel and against their rights!” NOT! Perhaps being sentenced to sort garbage for 10 years would go a long way toward discouraging the crime rates!

But I am getting off on a tangent here. What I meant to blog about was the tendency to save everything on the off chance that it might come in handy. I have a nasty habit of doing this. I save everything because I think I can use it to make something cool I could sell and support my family. Well….

First problem is that I don’t always have an idea about what to use it for. Second problem is that I don’t have the time to dedicate to making something so stuff piles up and clutters my house up. Third problem is that I haven’t figured out how to sell the stuff I have managed to remake. So projects are finished and piling up around my house!

So why don’t I just get rid of stuff or stop saving it? That’s easy. I hate waste. Just like the fruit trees that are overflowing my back yard. I try to harvest it all because I don’t want to waste all that food. My family can’t possible eat it all and because of Health Dept rules I can’t always sell what I’ve canned.

So where does that leave the world?

Overflowing with abundance but wasted because of a face paced society.



3 thoughts on “Depression era values in the Information Age

  1. Yep, yep, and yep…! My strategy has been to just buy less stuff.

    The thing to do with too much fruit… make booze! You just need some carboys and yeast. Hard cider, plum wine, peach brandy, etc. Concentrated sunshine & joy!

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