Death by Paperwork

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I don’t know about you but the more I try to organized the farther under the stack I get buried!

I’ve been trying to get organized for years now, but the rate at which things arrive at my house is increasing with every year. I have tried to do more paperless bills and statements. However, I have to have hard copies of so much stuff! For my writing, for medical records for my Autistic son, for research, for school information, and so much more. This list goes on and on! Not to mention junk mail! ARGH! I have started shredding all the bits of paper that I don’t need in hope that someday soon I’ll have time to make recycled paper out of it.

Why do we need so much paperwork? The information age is getting out of hand! Not all of the paperwork we must file, mail, or even save to cover our asses is really necessary. There are so many forms that must be filled out every year for medical reasons or for registrations to school or clubs…WHY MUST WE REPEAT?

Our time on this earth is precious. We don’t have an infinite number of years so why are we wasting so much of it in frivolous paper pushing? Not only do we have to keep up with the news, the email, blogging, social media, bills, research, and who knows what else, we must waste years of our lives organizing meaningless piles of paper.

We could be out seeing the world! Camping, hiking, traveling, loving under the stars, singing at the top of our lungs in the middle of nowhere, but oh no we are squandering out lives with paperwork! And what good does it do? Years from now all that filing we did to save things we needed so we could remain organized will have to be gone through again and all the stuff we don’t need anymore has to be removed! Double work!

And yet there is no escape. We must file and sort. We need all this information for the taxes or the doctors or the  schools. There is no way to stop. It is a defeated prospect from the beginning.  The only recourse is somehow keeping on top of it every day, every hour.  Hopefully someday we will find a better way, or the apocalypse will come and we will have plenty of fuel for fires to keep us warm and cook our food!



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