I love my industrious hubby.

Only been home a day and he’s already fixed the latch on the door so my son won’t wander off, replace our bedroom light fixture that my son broke, replaced my daughter’s faulty light, and then took on a huge project that has been hanging over my head for ages. The bathroom floor.


Someone long ago put carpet in the bathroom. I don’t know why. I’ve never understood carpet in the most watery area of the house.
My two problems with carpet in the bathroom are :
1. Splashing in the tub.
My son is some sort of magician at splashing. He can get the entire bathroom wet even with the shower curtain closed.
2. Potty training.
My son is 8 and Autistic and still learning about going potty properly. He’s getting better but his aim is awful. He doesn’t have to fine motor skills to hit the toilet consistently. Needless to say the carpet reeks.

It doesn’t matter how much I shampoo or scrub it always smells nasty and moldy. I hate it. I’ve been threatening to rip out the carpet for months but I didn’t know what was underneath and what I was going to have to do to fix it. Plus I would have to have it all back together again for baths at night. Routines are essential to my son’s stability.

So this time when my hubby got his R&R week he’s been super industrious and ripped out the carpet and the toilet. Replaced all the seals and fixed the leaks and replaced the carpet with vinyl tile flooring.


Walking on a clean, beautiful new floor is a wondrous feeling. I love my hubby so much. He’s been laughing at me because I’ve been thanking him every ten minutes.


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