Is sharing extinct?

I saw this on Facebook.


It bugged me.

I think it’s wonderful that you love your pet enough that you would go without in order for them to eat but really?
What happened to sharing? Would it not be better to both eat? If you starve to death no one will be there to feed your dog! Why not share what little food you have until you can find a way to get more?

Sharing seems to be an idea that is fading out in this day and age. It seems like society is teaching the if some have a lot and other have none it their problem. For example, a Jimmy Dean commercial.


There is one sausage left and they both want it. So they have a staring contest to see who gets it. Of course you can’t stare at the big, bright sun and win so his wife loses. Why not just cut the sausage patty in half and share!

There are so many commercials out there that show us how to not share.

When I was a kid my parents taught us that if there was one left and two of us wanted it, you shared. One cut the thing in half and then the other got to pick which half they wanted. That way the one cutting wouldn’t cut it unfairly because they didn’t get first pick and might end up with the smallest bit. It taught us some very valuable lessons about fairness and sharing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again we are all in this together! So please learn to share and teach your children too!


One thought on “Is sharing extinct?

  1. Thank you for “sharing” this very important message. It is very true, and unfortunately sad, that we have evolved into a dog eat dog world. We need to have the entire pie, or it’s not enough. We share so much on social media, perhaps we should do more of it in “real life”.

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