Half is better than nothing, right?

I feel like I’m only getting half the use out of everything.

At these new apps and websites for authors are amazing and awesome but I just don’t think I’m getting the full use of them that I should. I don’t know if it’s just lack of time on my part. I can’t dedicate enough time to learn all the intricacies of each program on top of a full family life and job. I know there are plenty you out there that are doing just that and somehow I’m just falling short of the mark.

Perhaps it is a failing in my life. I don’t think I get full use out if any tool in my shed so to speak.

Tip of the ice berg that’s me! Skim the surface and move on!

I wonder a lot if going back to school would help or if it would just serve to add more to my plate so I can use even less of everything than I do now. Maybe it would be just what I need to focus and cut to the chase. But then again school could be nothing more than another way to procrastinate and distract me from my goals. The info you get in school is often outdated and superfluous. Technology changes so fast that no one can keep up especially not an educational institution.

It’s so hard to know which way to turn to achieve the goals we set especially as we grow older. Life starts moving faster and we start processing slower. Too many decisions need our attention for us to have the luxury of learning at our own speed or even to give our full attention to anything.

So now using only half of the potential of any given tool I am fighting tooth and claw for what I want. I want to be an author. There’s nothing in this world that I want to do so much as write and have my works read and appreciated. By hook or by crook in isolation and confusion somehow I will have it.


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